Recording for LNER Commercial, Jan 2019. Photography by Will Douglas.Connor’s natural baritone timbre emits a strong, deep resonance. This, coupled with his soft Scottish accent and clear tone, offers a unique and attractive choice for voice-over. In addition to his native Glaswegian lilt, Connor received comprehensive voice training in American accents, RP & Cockney while studying at the Royal Academy. A selection of Connor's professional portfolio can be viewed below.

Experienced in microphone technique and comfortable in recording studios, Connor also prepares voiceovers independently from his home studio for various projects covering a wide range of style and scale. For enquiries and/or a quote, please leave a message on the Contact page.

T-Rex Ranch (YouTube Kids)

T-Rex Ranch is a YouTube channel for kids, featuring dinosaur-related songs and adventures! Connor is currently working with Moonbug Entertainment to provide the vocals for all music videos on T-Rex Ranch!

Track Record (Commercial)

Track Record is a celebration of the beautiful, captivating and distinctive accents found up and down the LNER line. Written by Ben Norris & Edith Bowman, Connor featured as a voicover artist for the poem among others from around the country, to show off the various dialects the LNER line has to offer.

Ignorance is Blister (Documentary)

On the 10th April 2017, Alec Mills and Lucie Holtermann embarked on the first stage of the Marathon Des Sables: six fierce ultra-marathons in five days in the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert. Neither of them had ever run a race before, let alone a marathon, let alone an ultra-marathon. 

This is the story of their three months training, the worries of their families, friends and doctors and the story of a naive uphill struggle to prepare for the world's toughest race.